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A place to connect to real people, to real ministry, to Jesus Christ...


Relationships matter – life is stunted without them.

Worship and our Life Together is about making the most vital connections that are necessary for abundant and healthy relationships, with God and with one another.

Daily, we work to connect in ways that make life better.

Lenoir Pres understands that we all need to meet and live daily with the Master of connections. Life Together for us is exploring the many ways He connects vertically with God and horizontally with each other and the world around us.

Connections shape relationships.  At Lenoir Pres, our Life Together rests on connecting candidly with our communities, our friends and family, and with ourselves.  We live with the God who reaches out to touch us and equips us to touch others.

Connecting is exciting, even when routine.  We come together every week to experience the joy of sincere relationships formed by real connections.  Perhaps we are the connection you’ve been looking to make…