1002 Kirkwood Ave NW, Lenoir, NC 28645
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What we believe

A place to connect to real people, to real ministry, to Jesus Christ...

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Lenoir Presbyterian’s slogan is

“Life Together.”

Lenoir Presbyterian’s mission, our purpose and why we exist, is

“Make disciples with Jesus”

Lenoir Presbyterian’s vision, what we are made to do in God’s Kingdom, is

“Life together: Jesus’ Light in every relationship”

The core values of Lenoir Presbyterian Church, who we are in our mission, are:

1. We worship, led by the Spirit, growing in devotion to the LORD.
2. Humbled by God’s sacrifice, we affirm Jesus Christ as the only Way of salvation.
3. Passionate about multiplying, we invite people into a grace relationship with Jesus.
4. We grow disciples by trusting and studying God’s infallible word to guide our lives.
5. Led by God’s Holy Spirit, we pray and obediently walk in faith.
6. We discover and use our God-given talents for ministry.
7. Through small Life Groups, we care for one another and our community in Christ’s love.


We believe Holy Scripture teaches us to believe:

God’s Word is the authority for our confession (sola scriptura: Scripture alone).

God is one essence and three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Trinity).

Jesus is fully and truly God and fully and truly human (Incarnation).

God’s grace tells us that all of humankind is fallen.  While created by God in His image, sin has so distorted the world, that there is no goodness in any part of humanity.

Jesus Christ is the sole Redeemer of the world and He alone has paid the price for our sin and removed God’s wrath that we deserve so that we can be once more in right relationship with God.

Salvation is by Grace Alone through Faith Alone because of Christ Alone.  We are saved to serve the Lord by loving others, to use the gifts of God for the good of others, and to live holy lives.

The Church is our new life family in which God’s grace is extended through the preaching of the Word, the right administration of the sacraments, and the faithful practice of mutual discipline.

The Sacraments are two: Holy Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Pray that we will always be a

community connecting for Christ!